Massage Benefits

I have been providing massages since 2001.  After graduating from Utah College of Massage Therapy, for six years, I worked in rehabilitation settings and managed my own business.  I was able to travel the world as a massage therapist on Regent Radisson Seven Seas cruise ship, and worked for Ritz-Calton in a beautiful day spa.   Massage has been such a blessing to my life, and I have enjoyed being able to share my passion and love of it with others.  

Krystal massage

Professional Licensed Therapist

*Massage not only soothes anxiety and helps with depression, it also lowers blood pressure.  It aids your body in releasing the stress hormone cortisol.

*Massage can decrease stiffness and pain which creates an environment where your body will function optimally. 

*Massage promotes healthy sleep and deep relaxation.

*Massage increases your immune system by increasing disease-fighting white blood cells.  

*Regular massages can decrease the amount of migraine and tension headaches that ail you.  

*Massage increases blood flow, can relieve fatigue, soft tissue strains or injuries, temporomandibular joint disorder, pain, and promotes connection and emotional bonding.  

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