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​Tuesday - Saturday appointments available

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Services and Prices


Swedish Massage-

Long massage strokes are utilized to create a relaxing massage in order to relieve tension.  

Deep Tissue-

Great for chronic muscle tension or areas that are restricted.  Firm massage techniques are used to access muscle groups for optimal benefit.  

Hot Rock-

Needs to be scheduled in advance!

Individually picked rocks are used throughout the massage for placement and massage tools to enhance your massage experience.  The constant heat penetrates into your muscle tissue allowing for access into deeper muscle layers.  

Not recommended for those who have heat or cold allergies, illness such as a cold or flu, vericose veins, high blood pressure,  pregnancy or  mothers that will be nursing within 2-4 hours of treatment.

Reflexology -
Feet are a map of the body.
A treatment dating back to ancient oriental philosophy emphasizes specific pressure points in the feet and hands.  These points correspond to organs and structures throughout the body.  Stimulating these areas aids in alleviating tension and stress promoting a sense of well-being and deep relaxation.

Deluxe Reflexology -

Relax and detoxify your feet with an herbal foot soak, followed by a warm paraffin dip, to nourish and hydrate your skin.  Then enjoy the benefits of hand and foot reflexology.  

Aromatherapy Oils-

The combination of massage with the therapeutic qualities of essential oils can affect your mood, alleviate pain, aid in detoxing the body along with other benefits.  The oils are absorbed through your skin and help to restore balance in your body.

30 minutes or 65 minutes available.  

Needing one specific area worked? I can customize a treatment to the area needed due to injury, or time restraints.  

Gua Sha-

Special tools used to massage muscles and tendons in order to treat adhesions and scar tissue.  

Paraffin Dip-

Needs to be scheduled in advance!

Rejuvenate your dry, cracked hands and feet with warm mineral wax. Provides relief to alleviate joint stiffness and discomfort.

Add to any treatment or schedule a 30 minute hand and arms massage with the paraffin dip.   

Warm Oil Massage-

Invigorate your senses with a unique combination of warm aromatherapy oil and massage.  The massage oil candle is melted soy wax and shea butter used to hydrate and moisturize your skin while nourishing your senses with warmth when poured on.

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​Call or text 208-250-0470


to schedule your massage.  

$50 for 60 Minute Massage

$80 for 90 Minute Massage​

$30 for 30 Minute Massage

$90 for 90 Minute Hot Rock

Add on

$15 for Paraffin Dip

$30 for Paraffin Dip with hand and forearms massage.

Aromatherapy Oils- $5.

Warm oil Candle Massage- $15. 

*Gua Sha can be added to any treatment.

*Reflexology is offered in every 60 minute or longer massage, or you can do a 30 minute Reflexology session.  

*Injury/customized treatment can be scheduled as a 30 minute or 65 minute massage.  

$1 per minute for Seated Chair Massage

 Typical times range from 10-30 minute/ client with a minimum of 1.5 hour booking.  

Gift Certificates Are Available

Cash, Credit Cards and Venmo accepted

​ If you're referring a new client you will receive $5 off per client to use at a future treatment.  

massage party.pdf

Massage Party's can be a great social and unique event to offer your friends and family.  Birthday Parties, Family Reunions,  
Bridal Massage Party, Anniversaries, Baby Showers are a few ideas when you can provide them.  

Seated Chair Massage -

Provide your employees with a feeling of being acknowledged and appreciated.  It will improve job satisfaction, reduce stress, and decrease repetitive work injuries.  Offered fully clothed focusing on high tension areas.  Schedule for your holiday party, provide an appreciation day. or offer to your employees during their work day.   More details in attachment.